What Toys Are Best for Young Children?

Here are some lists of toys that are beneficial for infants and toddlers. Remember safety is the number one concern!


Birth to 6 Months

Toys are mostly for looking, listening, sucking, grasping or fingering:

  • Unbreakable crib mirror.
  • Toys to bat or kick, mouth or manipulate.
  • Toys on suction cups attached to high chair tray.

7 to 12 Months

Toys that can support their interest in exploring, practicing and expanding their skills:

  • Soft, lightweight blocks.
  • One-piece push toys.
  • Grasping toys that require variety of manipulation.


1 Year Old

One year olds are increasingly mobile and want to practice motor skills, such as carrying toys, or moving them from place to place.

  • 3-5 piece puzzles with knobs.
  • Push and pull toys.
  • Sturdy books to “read” together.

2 Years Old

Two year olds love active, physical play. They enjoy manipulating and exploring objects with more deliberate experimentation. They are very interested in interactive dramatic play.

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