Rising Stars Preschool in Middlebury, Indiana held a successful coin collection drive in support of CAPS. The children collected coins throughout the month of April. The preschoolers raised an impressive $1,018 in one month. The school staff expressed how impressed they were with the children’s efforts, especially considering the amount raised was unexpected. Danette Weber, Rising Stars Preschool Director learned about CAPS through CAPS board member, Randy Lehman. Rising Stars staff members were eager to learn more about CAPS and expressed interest in continuing to support the mission and vision in the future.

The CAPS advancement team had a heartwarming visit to Rising Stars Preschool to thank the preschoolers in person. The team was welcomed by eager preschoolers who were proud to share about their charitable efforts. The children were actively engaged in a brief presentation given by Troy Smith, CAPS advancement director. He shared, “CAPS helps mommies and daddies who need help so all kids can be happy and safe”. The children were able to connect with the cause and feel fulfilled knowing they were helping to make a difference in the lives of others.