“Easy, Fast and Nutritious Foods” was the topic of the March mom’s group hosted by CAPS’ Healthy Families program. Parents learned secrets on how to stretch meals, plan for shopping, and how to utilize items in their refrigerator to make “out of the box” foods. They also learned ways to easily prepare food designed specifically for those with picky eaters.

“(Parents) learned how to incorporate not only foods they never thought of before, but also how to get their children to eat healthier versions of the things they love,” said Healthy Families Supervisor Paula Parker.

The parents participated in conversations about recipes and concerns and new foods. At the end of the session the staff drew three prizes. Two parents went home with crock pots while one took all the food from the event home with them. “That was a big hit,” said Parker.

The Mom’s Group not only offers a chance for learning creative and fulfilling ways to parent. It also offers opportunities to socialize for both the parent and the child. Parker noted one memorable moment when one particular baby was overjoyed with another little girl because she had never met another baby.

“The two babies were talking to each other and touching each other,” said Parker, calling it a “precious few moments.”

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