Healthy Families honored moms by launching a social event catering to some amazing women. With Mother’s Day just a few days away, the program’s moms were invited to attend a “spa day” at CAPS – Child And Parent Services. Childcare was provided, along with a table full of food and beverages. Stations were set up to give moms opportunities to utilize their creative skills. They decorated cookies and cupcakes, made scented sugar scrubs, and created a basket. In addition, they each went home with a pampering gift set.

Healthy Families Supervisor Paula Parker emphasizes the importance of for moms having time to socialize and how hard it is for them to find time for themselves. “We want moms in our programs to have some social connections, build relationships with others, normalize motherhood and issues they all have … (while) their children are safe and attended by CAPS employees,” said Parker

The group included both English- and Spanish-speaking moms and an interpreter was present to help with the language difference. “It worked out well,” said Parker. “Sometimes it can be hard to accomplish that with the language difference but today they all were just moms all mingling and just being themselves for a few hours.”

Healthy Families plans to continue offering opportunities for these moms. According to Parker, their next event will be a Cookies and Canvas, “something most moms wouldn’t have resources for when they need income to go to daily living.”


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