Fear and extreme anxiety crippled Jill Sheldon from being able to get out of her car at the grocery store. But on Thursday, March 21, she stood in front of more than 300 people at Child And Parent Services’ (CAPS) Lifesaver Breakfast to tell her story.

The Lifesaver Breakfast is an informational event designed to reveal the heart of CAPS by inviting former clients to share their story. This year Sheldon shared about her struggle with postpartum psychosis — a rare form of mental illness that can cause depression, confusion, delusions, hallucinations, hearing voices, feelings of paranoia and more.

Sheldon spoke in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom at the Lerner Theatre about how CAPS helped support her during this trying time. Her Family Support Specialist, Netra Brown, visited her each week, monitored the development of her son, and connected her to necessary resources. Brown helped watch her kids when she went to her consultation at Oaklawn and attended Sheldon’s graduation when she finished the Soup of Success program. Finally, three years into the Healthy Families’ program, Sheldon graduated. The two are still good friends and Sheldon refers to Brown as one of her guardian angels.

As she wrapped up her story, Sheldon told her audience “It takes a village to raise a child. But sometimes it takes a village to help a mom and a dad. CAPS was my village. Healthy Families was my village.”





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