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CAPS – Child and Parents Services works to ensure that every child lives a life free from abuse and neglect. As a community staple in Elkhart County for over 40 years, CAPS impacts over 2,000 families a year. As a mission-based agency, our work is grounded in our five core values: compassion, excellence, integrity, inclusiveness, and collaboration.
A career at CAPS gives you the chance to make a lasting impact on your community and make a true difference. You’ll also enjoy a competitive benefits package, with benefits including:

  • A generous PTO package
  • Flexible work schedule
  • 403(b) plan with employer contribution 
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Family-focused leadership 

Current Openings

Supervised Visits Facilitator for Tuesday and Thursday evenings

To ensure the safety and well-being of children by observing and recording activity and behaviors surrounding visitation.

Key Responsibility Area: Pre-visitation set-up
• Become familiar with referral information.
• Assign visitation room for the family in the absence of assigned supervisor or become familiar with the location of the off-site visit
• Provide clarification and direction regarding the visitation (i.e. who can and cannot visit)
• Greet and guide custodial and non-custodial parents and children to designated areas.

Key Responsibility Area: Visitation Monitoring
• Duties:
• Monitor the visit in compliance with all of the Supervised Visitation general guidelines
• Monitor the visit at the level indicated on the referral form.
• Observe and document interactions, behaviors and physical condition of all visiting persons.
• Ensure that the visit room or location is clean at the end of the visits – encourage the family to do this.
• Start and terminate the visit at the designated time.
• If the Facilitator believes the child(ren) is being harmed in any way, remove the child from the visitation, ask the visiting party(s) to leave, and immediately contact the custodial party and the Program Director.
• Provide parenting assistance and mentoring as necessary.

Key Responsibility Area: Record Keeping
• Record observations without interpretation. If stating an opinion, indicate as such.
• Complete and save the Feedback/Documentation form on the laptop (or in paper form if necessary)

Key Responsibility Area: Miscellaneous
• Notify Program Director at least 24 hours in advance if unable to work as scheduled.
• Attend supervisory conferences and other meetings as scheduled.
• Maintain confidentiality of the families involved in the program.
• Perform other related tasks as necessary to the operation of the program or at the request of the Supervisor.
• Testify in court proceedings as necessary.

• A high school diploma or GED
• Must be at least 21 years of age.
• 3 years of experience in one or all of the following: social work, childcare, family care, or related field.

In addition, a direct worker must possess:
• Knowledge of child abuse and neglect;
• Knowledge of child and adult development and family dynamics;
• An ability to work as a team member;
• A strong belief that people can change their behavior given the proper environment and opportunity;
• The belief in helping families to change their circumstances, not just adapt to them; and
• Knowledge and ability to model appropriate parent/caregiver behavior

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CASA Staff Advocate
CASA volunteers remain the preferred model of providing advocacy for abused and neglected children, and it is the goal that every child in a dependency proceeding be assigned a CASA volunteer. When this is not possible, however, assignment off a Staff Advocate to serve as the child’s advocate may occur. The primary role of a Staff Advocate is supervising volunteer advocates and the secondary role is to serve as a CASA advocate. In advocacy, the employee will manage a caseload of children in the juvenile court system, which includes developing a relationship with a child, communicating regularly and professionally with the child’s family and other service providers who are working with the child and family, and making fact based recommendations to the local juvenile magistrate regarding what is in the child’s best interests.

Job Qualifications
• A bachelor’s degree in social work, sociology or related field, OR a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the field of child abuse and/or advocacy.
• Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills including public speaking.
• Must demonstrate fluency in all Microsoft Office products and office skills – emailing, scanning, faxing, etc.
• Valid driver’s license, automobile liability insurance, and satisfactory motor vehicle report.
• Must be willing to travel.
• Must be able to pass pre-employment drug screen, criminal background, and CPS check.
• Must be able to maintain client confidentiality.

• Experience in a human services organization preferred.
• Previous CASA volunteer experience.

Job Duties
• Upon initial appointment to a case, interview the child, parents, relatives, foster placement,
teachers, DCS Family Case Manager (FCM), and others involved with the case.
• Review all relevant case material.
• Visit each child in placement setting at least monthly, or as determined by JCAT score.
• Contact each child’s school/teachers/staff at least quarterly.
• Contact parents/day-to-day caregiver at least quarterly.
• Contact service providers and DCS at least monthly.
• Attend all Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTMs).
• Attend all court hearings.
• Monitor implementation of and progress with court ordered services and plans.
• Identify needs/desires of child.
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date electronic case files.
• Bring unmet needs and/or other concerns to attention of DCS (FCM).
• Participate in regular case staffing with CASA Director.
• Write and submit reports.
• Assist with completion for case statistics reports are requested.

Other Duties
• Working knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling and punctation, and ability to
prepare detailed written reports as required;
• Ability to comply with all employer and department policies and work rules, including, but
not limited to, attendance, safety, drug-free workplace, and personal conduct;
• Ability to competently serve the public with diplomacy and respect, including occasional
encounters with irate/hostile persons;
• Ability to work alone with minimum supervision and with others in a team environment,
often amidst frequent distractions and interruptions, and under pressure from formal
schedules, deadlines, and high-volume operations; and,
• Ability to occasionally work extended, evening, and/or weekend hours and travel out of town
for child visits and training/conferences, sometimes overnight.
• Must participate in a minimum of one outreach or fundraising event each year.
• Demonstrate the ability to work as part of CAPS team by regularly demonstrating and
acknowledging CAPS’ core values.
• Perform other duties as may be required by the supervisor.

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Family Support Specialist- Healthy Families- Elkhart County

The Family Support Specialist (FSS) provides a range of culturally competent evidence-based home visiting services to all families participating in the Healthy Families Program.


  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree
  • Must have current driver’s license, vehicle, acceptable insurance, and satisfactory motor vehicle record.
  • Fluency with Microsoft office suite of products and data entry.
  • Demonstrates fluency in written English.
  • Demonstrates time management, problem solving and organizational skills.
  • Must satisfactorily complete all mandatory trainings


  • Previous home visiting work experience preferred but not required.
  • Bi-lingual- Spanish


  1. Provide culturally competent home-based services including (but not limited to): parenting education; developmental milestones; health and nutrition education; home management skills; crisis intervention; and social services linkage, all in partnership with the client.
  2. Assists in strengthening the parent child relationship by providing emotional support and encouragement to parents.
  3. Assists parents in improving their skills in order to optimize the home environment.
  4. Teach and support appropriate parent-child interaction and discipline.
  5. Assists families in establishing goals and plans for attaining these goals.
  6. Provide periodic developmental assessments and referrals if delays are identified according to program requirements.
  7. Identifies and refers clients to other support services in the community; assists in making and attending health and human service appointments, including, but not limited to, appointments related to educational and employment goals.
  8. Follow up on all referrals in a timely manner.
  9. Accurately completes all assessments and evaluation paperwork according to program timeframes and requirements.
  10. Accurately maintains client records and completes all necessary documentation according to program timeframes and requirements.
  11. Meets program productivity requirements.
  12. Manages assigned caseloads and related work responsibilities according to program requirements. Maintains home visits to all clients per the program requirements.
  13. Ensures compliance with all regulations regarding home visits pursuant to program requirements and Healthy Families America (HFA) best practice standards.
  14. Participates in case conferences and collaborates with other service providers working with families.
  15. Constructively utilize formal and peer supervision to evaluate and improve effectiveness in providing services to families. This includes active participation in weekly supervision, team meetings, ongoing trainings/in-services, and agency meetings.
  16. Contributes to the overall success and quality of all programs and services provided by CAPS by working constructively and collaboratively with other staff members.
  17. Must accommodate flexible working hours, including some evenings.
  18. Reports immediately to the Department of Children’s Services any suspicion of abuse or neglect.
  19. Maintains confidentiality requirements of the agency.
  20. Other duties as assigned.

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