CAPS is pleased to announce the promotion of Leah Plank to Chief Operations Officer.

Leah started at CAPS almost 14 years ago as a Parent Aide home visitor, eventually becoming the Program Director. When CAPS went through an organizational restructuring a few years ago, she became the Senior Director of Prevention Services. Her new role is part of the continuing evolution of management at CAPS to better serve employees and strengthen the agency.  As COO, Leah will have full oversight of all six programs at CAPS, spur new initiatives and advance strategic plans. CEO Melinda Konrath-Fielding says “Leah has been a leader in child welfare for many years. She has a passion for doing what is best for children and families. She has an amazing ability to make those around her better at what they do. I could not be happier or more confident having Leah by my side.”

Looking back on her history with CAPS, Leah reflects that she has always been invested in seeing the big picture for the agency. “Even when I was a Program Director, I wasn’t just focused on my program. I was always thinking about how all the programs fit into the mission and how we could work together towards accomplishing it. Recently when the administrative team wanted to establish our agency values, we got input from staff about what drives them every day in the work that they do. That was a good project to get everyone on the same page and speaking a common language about what is important to us.” Leah says that as COO, she wants to continue exploring how to improve the flow of information between programs. “Red tape infuriates me. I want to support our leadership on working together across programs to make those small changes that can improve how we serve families.”

Leah says that thoughtful, intentional communication is vital to ensuring CAPS is as strong as possible in its mission. “I want everyone within CAPS to see a complete picture of who we are, to know this is us. My heart is really with supporting kids and families – this is my community, it’s where I grew up and I want my niece, my friends’ kids, and everyone’s kids to grow up healthy and safe.”

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