#LifeAtCAPS with our CFAC’s Forensic Interviewer Faith Abney:

As a forensic interviewer, my job is to listen to kids after there is an allegation of abuse. The Child and Family Advocacy Center (CFAC) provides a setting for a child to be interviewed in a neutral, fact-finding, and child-friendly way. Listening to these children allows me to be able to facilitate and help the multi-disciplinary team understand each child’s experience using the child’s own words. CFAC allows me, as a forensic interviewer, to gather information to better understand how we will protect children from further harm and get them what they need to heal. This work is very important to me and allows me to give each child who walks through our doors the opportunity to share their story in their own words in a safe environment.

“What I love most about this work is that even in the midst of everything that is going on, I have played a part in providing that child the chance to share their experience and take the first step on a path to healing.”

For more information on our Child and Family Advocacy Center, Read more at CFAC.