In late May, 12 CAPS’ employees received training and were accredited in July through a Triple P training that enables them to provide intensive individual support to the parents of teens in Elkhart County. 

This intervention, called Standard Teen Level 4, is designed for parents who need broad-focused parent support or who already have multiple behavior challenges with their teens. The newly-trained staff will meet with parents over 10 sessions to assess the family’s needs, identify ways to build a strong relationship with their teen, teach parents how to reduce misbehavior and how to help their teens manage their emotions, decrease risky behaviors and problem-solve. 

“Triple P had provided staff with the tools and the confidence to best equip families by utilizing a quality evidence-based parenting support curriculum,” said Director of Parent Aid Lean Plank. “Triple P allows parents to be the experts of their own families, build positive relationships with their children and leads to lasting positive change.”

Parents and service providers are encouraged to call Triple P directly to access support, or to be directed to resources that would be more appropriate.

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