Supervised Visitation

What is Supervised Visitation?

When a child is separated from his parents because of divorce, abuse, or neglect there may be a need for supervised visits. This program allows the parent/child relationship to develop and continue in a safe, secure environment, with the interaction being monitored by a trained professional.

Why are these visits supervised?
Visits are supervised if more information is needed by a judge or a caseworker about the relationship between the parent and child, or if there are safety concerns.

Supervised visits at the Joy Rose Center:

What are the visits like?
Each family has a private space for visiting. The environment is safe and secure, with a security officer on duty. There are toys, play rooms, playground equipment, and a full kitchen available to our families. In addition, families are encouraged to bring in their favorite games, toys, and meals or snacks to share together during their visit.

What does the staff do during my visit?
Staff will document observations of the family on a form which will be reviewed by the Supervised Visitation Director and then sent to the referring caseworker or judge and attorneys involved. The facilitator may be in the room at all times or may leave periodically, depending on the level of supervision ordered by the court. 

What does it cost?
For Department of Child Services clients, there is no fee. For parents referred through the superior courts there is a fee depending on the level of supervision that is ordered.

When are visits available?
CAPS offers supervised visitation at various days and times to accommodate work schedules. Most visits are 1 hour each week.