Parent Aide

What is Parent Aide?
Parent Aide is a home visitation, family support service that helps families with children of all ages.  Parent Aides are professionally trained individuals who become a role model to parents who need help in dealing with life's daily challenges. Parent Aides teach parents to be more loving and responsible to their children. They provide support and encouragement, model appropriate parenting techniques, focus on the good qualities of the parents, and address special needs of the family by referring them to community agencies when necessary.

What can a Parent Aide do to help?
Parent Aides help parents learn to build their self-confidence, self-esteem and coping skills. Many parents benefit by understanding the developmental needs of their children, while learning how to manage their home environment more effectively. Parent Aides also teach parents how to make social contacts and to use community resources.  CAPS Parent Aide program is the local provider for the Community Partners for Safe Families program.

Who can be a part of Parent Aide?
The Parent Aide program is open to all parents of young children in Elkhart County who have an interest in learning more about parenting and would like a mentor to visit them in their home. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Parent Aide program, please contact Leah Plank at 295-2277 or lplank@capselkhart.org.

Become a Parent Aide Volunteer!
A Parent Aide understands the unique challenges of being a parent and is willing to help other parents cope with life’s daily problems through a caring and supportive relationship. Becoming a Parent Aide will provide a volunteer with the opportunity to share themselves and their life experiences to better the life of a child.

For information about becoming a Parent Aide, contact Leah Plank at 295-2277 or lplank@capselkhart.org.

Parent Aide is a program model of the National Exchange Club Foundation.