Building Blocks Laboratory Preschool

What is the Building Blocks Laboratory Preschool?

The Building Blocks, mission is to support children and their caregiver to help them grow in safe nurturing environments-our focus is on helping young children be successful in early childhood settings.

What services do we offer?

Therapeutic Educational Program- The Building Blocks program is a structured, school-like environment for preschool and kindergarten children who are struggling with disruptive behavior. This program teaches the children how to handle their anger and frustration appropriately and develop appropriate ways to cope and interact with others. Children come daily during the school year for a half a day program focused on developing social and emotional skills. Parents participate in parent education and coaching to help them continue their child's success into the future after they have left the Building Blocks Program. 

Consultation and Training- Our teachers have extensive skills and expertise in handling difficult behaviors, and are available for consultation with local day cares and preschools who want suggestions or strategies for a child who is struggling.

CACFP-Full Nondiscrimination Statement 

For more information about Building Blocks Laboratory Preschool, please contact CAPS at 574-295-2277.