Healthy Families Elkhart County™


What is Healthy Families?

We know that parenting requires enormous amounts of patience, self-control and sheer stamina. Healthy Families support specialists visit a family on a regular basis to provide information, encouragement and support. We help pregnant moms and parents of newborn infants by offering support and information about child development and what to expect as a new parent. The Healthy Families program is proven to provide positive outcomes for both parents and children and sets babies on the right path to optimal development and attachment for the rest of their lives.

Who can be a part of Healthy Families?

The Healthy Families program may be offered to any family who is interested in learning about taking care of a newborn (no matter how many children they may already have), getting support with achieving family goals, staying on top of appointments and responsibilities and creating a nurturing and happy home for the whole family.

How does the program help?
A trained support worker offer support and guidance and visit the home on a weekly basis to offer information about:

  • recognizing baby’s needs.
  • balancing baby’s needs with parents’ needs.
  • what to expect as baby grows.
  • how to make home safe for baby.
  • how to encourage normal development in baby.
  • community resources that fit a family’s needs.

For more information about Healthy Families, contact program Director, Ellen Graber-McCrae at or Intake Supervisor Michelle Roell at Both can be reached at 574-295-2277.

*Healthy Families Elkhart County™ is accredited by Healthy Families America®.

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