Volunteer at CAPS!

CASA Volunteer Training

A CASA volunteer donates time weekly to advocate for children in the court system. A CASA interviews everyone involved in the case and spends special time with the children involved and then appears in court on behalf of those children. For more information about becoming a CASA, please visit our CASA Program section or contact Justin at 295-2277 or jallen@capselkhart.org.

Parent Aide

For information on becoming a role model to parents who need help in dealing with life's daily challenges, please visit our Parent Aide Program section or contact Leah Plank at 295-2277 or lplank@capselkhart.org.

Special Events Volunteer

If you like to plan and manage details then this is the area for you. CAPS has three major special events per year and your help is always welcome. You could help with planning, clerical work, publicity, or set up of events. If you would like to donate your time to help plan or work a special event contact 295-2277 or dev@capselkhart.org.

Positive Parenting Child Care Volunteers

The Positive Parenting Child Care is made up of three classrooms: Infants/Toddlers - Ages 0-3; Pre-K/K - Ages 4-6; and School-Age - Ages 7 - 12. A Positive Parenting Child Care Volunteer donates time weekly for 10 weeks at a time on Monday and/or Thursday evening from 5:45 until 8. Dinner is served from 5 to 5:30, and volunteers are more than welcome to join us. For more information, please contact Gina Stone at 574-295-2277 or gstone@capselkhart.org.

Preschool Volunteer

Preschool helpers share their time in the classroom playing, singing songs and giving love to our preschoolers.

If you would like more information about volunteering in the Building Blocks Laboratory Preschool, please contact Nancy at 295-2277 or ncampagnoli@capselkhart.org.