Monday, Sept. 24, CAPS staff attended the YWCA’s Domestic Abuse Awareness Month kickoff luncheon at the Crystal Ballroom in the Lerner Theatre. The event was organized by the YWCA in an effort to bring a greater awareness to Safe Haven, their shelter for women who are victims of domestic violence.

CEO and President Melinda Konrath-Fielding (CAPS – Child And Parent Services) spoke at the luncheon and shared the vision of creating more awareness in the community.

“It is my pleasure to … support the YWCA as they kickoff Domestic Violence Awareness month,” said Konrath-Fielding. “Considerable evidence points to the fact that domestic violence and child abuse often co-occur. CAPS stands with the YWCA to ensure that every family in Elkhart County lives a life free from violence and abuse.”

The YWCA chose the TODAY show’s former Co-host and former NBC News Anchor Tamron Hall as the celebrity presence and keynote speaker because of her mission to help families who have loved ones suffering abuse.

Hall shared her experience dealing with her sister’s abusive relationships and how she wished she had been able to save her. Tragically, her sister was murdered by one of her abusers. However, when Hall took the stage, she quickly handed the title of the keynote to Brittany, another woman who spoke before her.

“I am no longer a victim of domestic violence. I am a survivor,” Brittany informed the nearly 400 attendees. Her story stirred hearts and brought tears to several in the audience.

“The kickoff luncheon … was so exciting,” said YWCA’s Development Director Mary Jo Sartorius, “not only because we achieved the goal of filling the room, but (because of) who was in the room. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who made this event a success.”


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