Board of Directors (update for 2018)

Candy Yoder

President Diane Krill

Chairperson Brian Hall

Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer Mary Jo Thomas

Secretary Kimberly

Cammenga Byron


Paul Craven

Patti Cripe

Gregg Fore

Lisa Gilkey Schoetzow

Pat Gross

Rob Hartzler

Shawn Klose

Andy Murray

Erica Ogle

Beth Parin

Eric Rauch

David Thwaits

Vince Turner

Honorary Board of Directors

Daryl and Sue Abbott

John and Nancy Banks

Bill and Kristin Fenech

Ron and Lisa Fenech

John and Lois Fidler

Andy and Kathy Frech

Todd and Chris Martin

Dan and Jan Morrison

Jill Sigsbee

Alex and Michelle Strati

Jeff and Phid Wells

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