Wednesday, Nov. 28, CAPS’s Healthy Families program hosted its annual Blanket Group event. Family Support Specialists from Healthy Families chose two families each to create “Knots of Love” tie-knot fleece blankets as a gift for one of their kids. The organization provided the material, snacks and even child care for 17 families total.

This CAPS tradition gives parents an opportunity to socialize with other parents in a creative environment.

“It’s a good time for clients to talk, listen and normalize parenting with each other,” said Healthy Families Supervisor Paula Parker. In addition, “parents can leave their babies with trustworthy staff at our childcare during the event.” Knowing their children are safe in a nearby room enables them to relax and enjoy the experience.

Parker also noted the perks for the children, which include socializing with others and enjoying quality playtime. She added that there are “lots of loving arms to rock the babies” as well. The program measures the Blanket Group’s success on the smiles of the parents as they walk away with their newly-made blankets.

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